Canadian Full Service Specialist

  • Canadian Freight Transportation Specialist.
  • Import and Export Specialist in border crossing.
  • Assistance in obtaining your Canadian Business Number and finding that professional customs broker.
  • Quality Door-to-Door delivery service.
  • Professional inside, time sensitive delivery service.
  • USMCA/CUSMA, CERS and Canadian Documentation assistance.
  • Canadian Warehouse and Distribution Facility. 
    • Easy access to major highways.
    • Secured facility.
    • Safety inspected.
    • 100K and 120K square feet warehouses.
    • Truck fleet can be equipped with blankets, bars, strapping.
  • Canadian Pick and Pack Operation.
  • Temperature controlled.
  • FIFO (First in First Out) program established.
  • Knowledgeable employees on site for all your transportation concerns.